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Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser
Time Variant Pulsed Electromagnetic
Field Generator
The closest to the original Bob Beck
design that you will find on the open

Thank you for your interest. We appretiate
your Help and Support. Your purchase will
help fund Independent Research and
help bring some long overdue needed
tools and equipment to the zapperbarney
Research and Development Department.

This unit runs fast so it gets hot! It must
be allowed to cool down between

Attention, This is an all new 12 volt
automatic Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser. This
unit is different than a Sota unit in that it
uses a Xenon Flash Tube and not an
SCR. An SCR is a Silicone Controlled
Rectifier and is sort of like a transistor.
This unit is not like a disco strobe light
though; Those are too weak as the flash
is to short in pulse duration and will not
even move a fender washer -when doing
the fender washer test- an inch.

Furthermore, There may be added benifits
of the Xenon Flash Tube as it uses an
exciter voltage (just like the original Bob
Beck magnetic pulser did) to fire it off.
There may be some type of subtle energy
being given off and even acting
synergistically with the main coil pulse;
This is however purely speculation on my
part  though.

See it in action right now on
Now Have Your Very Own Bob Beck
Magnetic Pulser

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1. Automatic

2. Fast (about 1 pulse every 2 seconds)

3. Good and Strong

NOTICE: The Magnetic Pulser uses a
burst pulse of high voltage . This unit is
home made and built by me. It is not UL
listed or anything like that . Use it at your
own risk.
Thousands have been sold. I use hot glue
as an insulator, then black tape with 5
layers, and finally place heat shrink tubing
on top of that for the wand handle. I use it
just as it is but if you are in any way
scared or have reservations, you can use
a piece of clear vinyl available at any Arts
and Crafts stores and use that to cover
the coil. I show you how to do it in one of
youtube videos.

If you have donated or donate regularly to
so called cancer research I urge you to
read Barry Lynes book :THE HEALING OF
CANCER . Here you will see that billions
of dollars a year, mind you are given to
these organizations and have been given
to these organizations since the 70’s.  Isn’
t it therefore, more proper to donate
instead to Independent Research such as
that which I am doing and have been
doing for the last 7 years ?

By purchasing the Magnetic Pulser you
will receive some of the best literature on
the suppression of the technology and be
also contributing to Independent

Zapperbarney  provides ,with every order,
an unsurpassed goldmine of newsletters,
and  DVD's


Prayer request......Faithful Elders of the
church I once again request your prayers
that the Sovereign Lord, God of Isreal, will
keep me on this path of healing that the
world most desperately needs.


Luke 6:38

Give, and it shall be given unto you; good
measure, pressed down, and shaken
together, and running over, shall men give
into your bosom. For with the same
measure that ye mete withal it shall be
measured to you again.

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the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.
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diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any
disease. Please do not substitute my
products for FDA approved protocols to
treat disease. I provide access to
products so that you can make informed
decisions together with your government
certified health care professional.

Return Policy: Repair or Replacement
guarantee only.
My products have a 1 year parts and 90
days labor warranty. 14 day Return Policy:
Items returned are subject to a 20%
restocking fee.
Special Blowout
Price on this
Wonderful Bob
Beck Magnetic
Pulser. Now Yours
For Only
Note: the Vivitar Flash units may
have scuffs or scratches as they
have been purchased from ebay
and may or may not have been
Price $ 169.00
Unit runs on 4 AA Size alkaline
batteries. I think the Auto Pulser is
Light Years better but if you want an
Old School type pulser, Here you
go!Only $10 Dollars shipping in the
United States.
Only $169.00 USD
Click on the picture to see how
to load the batteries
Only $169.00

physicians who know what they are
doing. The reason is because this unit is
about six times more powerful than an
original Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser. Click
on the picture to see it in youtube.

Price $245.00 Plus S/H