I would like to inform the public about Kevin Trudeau's
unjustly railroading and imprisonment by the "powers
that be" and their evil intent to get rid of him.This should
be front page News but it's not, because they don't want
anyone to know that they put an innocent man in prison.
Greed as defined by "the love of money" is the motif
here. This is an outrage and unconstitutional. Kevin has
been silenced by the "powers that be". Every one of his
websites have been shut down and he thrown in prison.
Kevin was sentenced March 17th 2014 in downtown
Chicago and has now been moved to serve his 10 years
prison sentence at the Federal Prison Camp in
Montgomery, Alabama. I'll bet dollars to donuts you
didn't here a peep about it on the news did ya? Think
about that.
Kevin Trudeau has a facebook page. Visit Kevin's facebook page here.
Kevin Trudeau has a youtube channel
that he was broadcasting before they
put him in prison. Click the picture to
go to his youtube channel and see
some of the stuff he was exposing.
This is the kind of shows KT was doing right
before they put him in the Prison Camp. All he
was doing is saying stuff, That is called Freedom
of Speech. But they put him in Prison. Think
about that.
Kevin Trudeau is in prison in
Montgomery,  Alabama. He was
sentenced to 10 years. Two judges
double teamed on him. The AMA sucker
punched on him, The FTC drilled on him
and the FDA took him out. He is down
for the count. In my opinion these
organizations are the nephilim in the
flesh oppressing man from the front, the
back, the left and the right.
Nephilim:Lucifer and his followers took
to having sex with the humans thus
creating the hybrid blood line. The
picture to the left and to the right depict
this scenario.